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Our Founding:


WoAA (Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics) is a collaboration between university students pursuing careers in the field of Aerospace Engineering and the major professional society in the field, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


WoAA was formed in 2018 when student leaders from 7 schools came together to work towards their common goal of championing and providing opportunities for women to enter the field. These seven groups had independently established organizations dedicated to promoting and connecting women in Aerospace Engineering dating back to 2014. Forming a national organization has allowed these student groups to share initiatives and tackle common goals, such as outreach and industry partnerships.

Since 2019, WoAA has been an officially recognized subcommittee in the Integration and Outreach Division (IOD) of AIAA. WoAA has been active at major aerospace conferences (including SciTech 2019, SciTech 2020, and IAC2019), hosting events reaching hundreds of students and professionals at each.


In its first year, WoAA expanded to many new universities, now exceeding 20 chapters and covering most major Aerospace Engineering degree granting institutions in the United States. Goals for the future include expansion internationally and an extension into the professional community through AIAA.

(Images below from our founding and first event at SciTech2019 in San Diego, California. A panel featuring 5 inspirational female leaders in our industry, moderated by WoAA's first chair, Emily Kusulas (UMich '19).)

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