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Working to uphold one of the five pillars of WoAA, the Outreach Committee is committed to encouraging and exciting K-12 students about not just the aerospace industry, but STEM in general. These are some of our current initiatives to make STEM more accessible to students everywhere. If you are interested in any of these initiatives and would like to get involved, please contact our team.

WoAA Pals

WoAA Pals! is a new initiative run by National WoAA to connect high school students interested in aerospace and STEM with WoAA members through a pen-pal program. Its mission is to provide more information to these students about resources available about the field and the path our members took to get where they are today. Learn more here!

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Sit-down Sunday

Sit-Down Sunday is an upcoming video series featuring 1-on-1 interviews with professionals in the aerospace industry. These interviews will cover topics such as featured professionals’ career paths, background, personal experiences, and much more!

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Our team publishes project tutorial videos on the WoAA Official YouTube channel that not only walk students through building fun DIY STEM projects like cardboard gliders, balloon hovercrafts, coke-bottle rockets, etc., but also briefly explain the science behind how they work.

Workshop in Progress

High School Opportunities

We are working with organizations like Cientifico Latino, Project Possum, FIRST Robotics, etc. to develop guides on finding and applying for research, project, internship, and other fun K-12 STEM opportunities for students who are interested in getting experience in STEM starting early. Stay tuned for more information!


Event Guides

We are currently developing a guide of outreach events and partnerships that local WoAA chapters and national WoAA members have organized and run successfully. This guide will be published on our website once completed to guide anyone interested in running outreach events either through their organization or on their own.

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