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The Technical Development Committee is tasked with developing the technical skills and expertise of WoAA members and the public alike. We partner with AIAA technical committees and regularly host national panels, seminars, and workshops. Such events cover a diversity of topics of all levels, from introductory programming courses to advanced machine shop programs. Locally, the subcommittee aspires to support the regional WoAA chapters by distributing helpful WoAA resources to new chapters, circulating available technical content, and setting up tutoring programs.

Technical Writing Workshop
Technical Reading Workshop
Undergraduate Research Panel

Technical Panels

WoAA aims to promote a diverse variety of perspectives in the aerospace field. Our technical panels thus far have focused on graduate school and all the aspects that entail the graduate application process!

We hope to educate high schoolers about aerospace and STEM and to reach larger audiences about important issues plaguing our society!


Workshops and tutorials

The workshops and tutorials working group is dedicated to producing fun, accessible, educational content for the WoAA community and students. Our mission is to give an intuitive understanding of major aerospace topics and build the technical knowledge of our community through digital workshops and video tutorials. These consist of coding tutorials, software workshops, experiment tutorials for fun K-12 projects, and many more to come. 


Collaborative projects

AIAA Technical Activities Divisions (TADs) and Technical Committees (TCs) consist of worldwide experts in their field who facilitate technical programs and activities at various levels of AIAA, from conferences to student design competitions. We aim to facilitate involvement between WOAA members and TADs/TCs, allowing for members to learn about various disciplines within aerospace, network directly with experts across fields, learn how TCs and TADs operate within AIAA, and generate a pipeline of prospective TC members.


Conference Events

We plan and host a number of technical events at aerospace conferences. Our biggest annual presence is at AIAA’s annual SciTech forum, occurring each January. We also work to facilitate the interaction between the national and local WoAA chapters by supporting the local chapters’ conferences, such as Amelia Earhart Summit and Elsie MacGill Conference. By collaborating with numerous conferences and organizations, we strive to spread the Diversity & Inclusion initiative of WoAA and to strengthen our network of racial and gender minorities in aerospace.

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